Predict Prevent Project

AI-Powered Cognitive intelligence Platform

Making the Invisible – Visible with AI

Rapidly Assessing Emerging Threats


Making the Invisible Visible

AI Vigil’s next generation Intelligent Decision Support platform converges data from multiple sources providing situational awareness and threat detection enabling rapid analysis and decision making.

AI VIGIL’s solution discovers, correlates, curates and visualizes video and data with geospatial intelligence to identify anomalies to known behavior patterns of life and display the analytic results in an intuitive user display.

Our Mission

Corporate Security

Our AI solutions empower corporate security professionals to detect and neutralize threats efficiently. Using advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring, we enable proactive threat mitigation, safeguarding corporate assets and operations effectively.

Commercial Sector Security

Designed for commercial security professionals, our AI platform ensures swift threat discovery and mitigation. Through predictive analytics and automated monitoring, we facilitate proactive risk management, protecting commercial interests and ensuring business continuity.

Threat Mitigation

Our AI technology enables security professionals in corporate and commercial sectors to swiftly detect and mitigate threats. Leveraging data-driven insights and advanced algorithms, we ensure rapid threat response, bolstering defenses against emerging risks and vulnerabilities.

Our Solution

AI VIGIL Breaks Down the Silos of Information



  • Data Disparities… Different…
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Our Team

Highly Qualified Leadership

Gary H. Olson

CEO & Co-Founder

Media & Cognitive Computing Thought Leader Founder of VDO Ltd with over $1B portfolio in successes

Leonard M. Fertig

CFO & Co-Founder

Expert in Technology, Media and Telcom Co-founder CME Group, leading media business in 8 European Countries, CFO TMT

A. Ted Dembicki

Chief Marketing Officer

Multi-national successes in marketing cloud-based technology platforms Senior Executive with Harris, Sony, MassTech, Grass Valley

Dr. Norman Geddes

Chief Technology Officer

Recognized global expert in artificial intelligence Ph.D. in Human Centered Artificial Intelligence Developed AI Solutions for FBI, DARPA and other DoD

Ellen R. Zalk

Chief Operating Officer

Experienced Operations Executive ABC Network Operations Executive Led media company from startup through IPO

Leadership Experience

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